Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's not pink! Really it's not!

Now those of you who know me know that I think in pink! I love pink flowers, pink shirts, pink flamingos, well let's keep this short and just say I love anything pink. When my co-worker approached me to make a sweet 16 birthday card, I naturally said , sure I can do it, you want it to be pink right? After a minutes hesitation, she said, "actually, I was wanting it to be purple". My heart fell down to my knees, sweat was popping up in all the wrong places, I swallowed hard and squeaked, sure, when do you need it by? Can you have it by Monday 9/27 she asked? Sure, I said and wandered off. How do you make a special moment card and it not be PINK! That was on Thursday, I thought purple, and I thought, more purple.....finally, I was out of time! I just had to make this special card in purple.... after much purple procrastination here it is!


  1. You did good, Ms Fabulous!! It's a beautiful card.

  2. I Love PURPLE! Your so FUNNY! :) Great Blog.